David Shaker, Esq.

David Shaker, Esq.


David Shaker, Esq. is a Partner at West Hollywood Law Group handing the firm’s Personal Injury and Real Estate transnational cases. Mr. Shaker is an accomplished lawyer, real estate developer, and broker. Mr. Shaker’s career in residential and commercial real estate has spanned 15 years, and 6 states. A resident of Los Angeles since age 10, he has represented clients in every corner of the city, from Hollywood to Inglewood and Downtown to Santa Monica. His in-depth knowledge of L.A. properties is complemented by a national perspective gained from developing and repositioning real estate in Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Colorado, in addition to California. This comparative advantage allows him to accurately assess property values in a way that goes beyond comps for a given area and takes into account national trends. His clients trust his instinctual ability to spot diamonds in the rough, which he has been doing since he purchased his first commercial investment property at auction at age 20. Since, he has participated in repositioning and sales of over 3000 condos and homes.

The combination of his real estate expertise and legal know-how makes him an especially skilled negotiator. He has handled hundreds of Personal Injury cases and helped his clients obtain compensation in the very early stages due to his skilled negotiation skills.  Instead of taking an adversarial approach when disagreements arise, he is adept at using cooperation and creativity to find common ground and push transactions forward. He establishes congenial relationships with others and provides concierge-level, personalized service to his clients.

As a graduate of Southwestern Law School, he is a member of the California State Bar. He lives in Carthay Circle with his Maltipoo, Chewy.

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